Recent Screenings

Sunday, November 2nd
Theatre N at Nemours
1007 N. Orange Street
Wilmington, Delaware

Thursday, October 30th
Congregation Shaare Hashamayim
9768 Verree Road
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ayatollah Khomeini, 1979

Sunday, October 19th
Temple Ner Ma'arav
17730 Magnolia Blvd.
Encino, California

Saturday, October 2nd
Tam O'Shanter Country Club
5051 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield, Michigan

Monday, July 28th
Holocaust Memorial Center
Farmington Hills, Michigan

Thursday, June 19th
West Newton Cinema
West Newton, Massachusetts

Tuesday, May 27th
Chosen People Ministries
New York City, New York

Sunday, March 30th
East Midwood Jewish Center
Brooklyn, New York

Tuesday, March 25th
Beth Torah Congregation
Toronto, Canada

Monday, March 24th
Gelber Conference Centre
Montreal, Canada

Saturday, February 2nd
Sha'are Tefila Congregation
Los Angeles, California

Sunday, December 23rd
Beth El Synagogue
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Thursday, November 15th
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona


Upcoming Screenings

Sunday, February 22nd
Congregation Bnei Emet
9 W. Bonita Drive
Simi Valley, California

Thursday, April 30th
Congregation Beth Am
5050 Del Mar Heights Road
San Diego, California

Jews in Yemen, 1910

Screening News and Reviews

Boston Jewish Advocate

Detroit Free Press

The Oak Ridger

Congradulations on such a daring, clear and direct message. The comprehensive interpretation from a historical, political, religious, cultural and economic perspective was fascinating, as was the artistry and the visual narration. This masterpiece is very timely.
_ Edna - Montreal

It was such a great pleasure to meet you tonight, "Farewell Israel" hit the nail on the head and I admire your ability to present fact in such a raw and clear-cut manner. Your film is a summary of all my books, videos and newspaper clippings on the Middle East.
_ Kathleen - Montreal


Screen Events

Now scheduling Film Screening and Lecture by Director for Universities, Local Theaters, Community Groups, Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues.

Egyptians cross the Suez Canal, 1973



Screening News and Reviews

Last night we viewed your documentary Farewell Israel at the Gelber Conference Centre in Montreal. I hope that you gather well-deserved recognition and accolades for a fine piece of art, history and hopefully the makings of a social awakening.
_ Susan Kouri

Your movie is fabulous! The thoroughness of your historical overview, and its linear chronological presentation was easy to absorb. The compartmentalization of the historical record made for a rather objective, fair-minded, justifiably biased, and engaging documentary.
_ Sandy - Toronto

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